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the problem is:

You don’t even know how to ask for it. You don’t ask, you negotiate.

As an influencer, working with brands is business. To ask for what you want, you have to negotiate.

Negotiating with brands lets them know not only are you about your business, but you’re aware of your value.

Brands ALWAYS want to work with valuable people. No more brands trying to get over on you for nothing. Work with and get paid by brands on a regular basis.

Your Go-To Guide For

Creating your media kit, crafting our pitch, and confidently asking brands for what you want.

Aside from getting noticed and paid by brands, the number one issue influencers have is getting the money they actually want from a brand. Yeah, $250 is “getting paid,” but if you know and can prove your work is worth $1000, how do you get closer to that number without losing the opportunity or burning a bridge? 

The #FirstPaidKit was created to give you confidence when you talk to brands by providing you with the tools necessary to stay visible to brands, pitch valuable ideas and get paid regularly. If monetizing your blog as an influencer by working with brands and companies is the goal, then this is for YOU.


I’m Mattie James.

I make six figures a year working with household name brands without having a million followers. Seriously. It seemed impossible to me too, until I did it.

Over the past 9 years, I went from $250 brand partnerships to making high 4 and 5 figures per campaign. After working with 150 brands, I truly understand what it takes to correspond with brands confidently and pitch effectively.

As a full time blogger and influencer based in Atlanta with a family, pitching concisely yet effectively is a priority for my influencer business. Over the past year, I’ve worked brands like TJ MAXX, Pantene, J.Crew, JOHNSON’S and Samsung while successfully helping with other influencers to land their own lucrative brand campaigns.

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