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Sure, you can Google a lot of the things I share with you in my courses and masterclasses, but most of the results are vague and outdated at best. Not only do I tell you what to do, but I show you how to do it with my curriculum. Like many of my students, you may say – “Wow, Mattie. This is pretty simple.” It’s not about what I teach you, but implementing it. The curriculum I offer is designed to help you continuously evolve as an influencer whether you’re in the very beginning stages or ready to become a full time influencer.

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In my signature course, I teach you how to negotiate the $$$ you want and partner with brands so pitching becomes your superpower as influencer.

After implementing her skills, I signed my first $5,000 brand deal!

“Mattie gave me the motivation and confidence to start charging more on campaigns and how to justify my higher rates to brands. She also helped me understand important things to look out for before signing a contract and which small nuances can actually be more money added to my paycheck. After implementing her skills and waiting for the right brand to come along, I signed my first $5,000 brand deal!”