There is no perfect time to start a business. The reality is that challenges will always be present when starting a business because there is no reward without risk. However, fortune favors the bold, so take some time to think about the fear or reasons that have kept you from growing your business.

  •  Are you scared that you don’t have enough money to start your business?

 The Facts:

  1. There are several businesses that you can start with very little money. You can find some great ones here.
  2. If your business serves the needs of a clearly defined audience, you can utilize crowdfunding apps such as this one to raise money for your business venture.
  3. Reach out to the SBA to find out about funding, resources and assistance that may be available for your business.
  • Are you scared that there is no demand for your service or product offering?
  1. Conduct research to determine who your core audience is and what their needs are. My coaching program has a thorough 8-week process to guide you through this research.
  2. Study the market, look at trends & utilize social listening.
  • Are you scared that you lack the skills to become an entrepreneur?
  1. Do not allow fear to separate you from your dreams. If you have a dream, a great idea and a strong work ethic, you can achieve anything!