I have had many conversations surrounding this topic and some people feel that saving money is not making money and I have to say that I totally disagree. Let me give you a scenario. Crystal makes $3,500 a month. She spends the money she makes on the following:

Food: $200 

Miscellaneous: $700

Rent & Utilities: $1,800

Car Note, Gas & Insurance: $700

Remaining Funds each month: $100

Crystal has dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur for a long time, however in order to get some of the tools she needs such as her e-mail domain and website built to start her business, she realizes she needs more income. Her current job does not allow her enough additional time to make more money, so she quickly realized that she needs to figure out a way to save more money. Crystal revamped her savings strategy and was able to start saving $800 each month.  Now she has the seed money needed to start her business.

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